Fix Yourself First!

You can’t fix stupid and you can’t fix crazy, but you can fix yourself. 😉 You want to fix people because you love them, however, you cannot fix or change someone else. Your motives may be pure and it simply is not possible. Give it up. They are not broken. They are just not perfect. Read More

Can Single Moms have Balance? Your thoughts…..

Can working moms juggle career and family and still find time for themselves? Finding balance needn’t be a dream. It’s 6:30 pm when you finally arrive home, having rushed out the front door at the crack of dawn. You’ve had an exhausting day at the office but had to collect your son from rugby practice Read More

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Separation Anxiety, Your Child and You

If you ever doubt whether you’re a super-important person, try walking away from your toddler when she appears engrossed in dot art markers. What seemed to be a carefree child will immediately morph into a howling, anxiety-filled kiddo wholly dependent on you for safety, companionship, and a general purpose in life. Honestly, this is often nice, especially if Read More

6 Reasons Why People Cheat In Relationships

One cannot control the actions and thoughts of another person – only their own. Although most people understand this on principle, the moment they discover their partner is cheating on them, they’re likely to have a massive emotional explosion. They feel hurt, betrayed, confused, and angry all at the same time. Their feelings are understandable Read More

The 9 Worst Mistakes Stepparents Make

Being a stepparent just may be the hardest familial role to play and no matter how hard you try, there is no guarantee of creating one big, happy Brady Bunchish family. Stepparenting is a delicate dance, says clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula, PhD. It is all about communicating and understanding that blended families can have complicated Read More

5 tips for first-time step moms/ parents

Sometimes the perfect man you’ve been waiting for has a child, and tackling this for the first time can be overwhelming. Here are tips to make sure you don’t end up being called the evil stepmom.  1. Start slow One of the biggest mistakes you can ever make is expecting your relationship to be perfect Read More

What is the Best Visitation Schedule for Infants?

If you’re a new single parent, you may be wondering about the best visitation schedule for infants. Like so many other aspects of parenting, there’s no one ‘right’ answer. What’s most important is that you make decisions together that support your baby’s need for a predictable routine, as well as his or her need to Read More

Do You Parent with Your Wallet? (Or Know Someone Who Does?)

What kid doesn’t love it when Mom or Dad spends money on them? When you can afford it, buying things for your children is fun. But there’s a point where we buy things for our kids for the wrong reasons: to win their allegiance or simply to get them to stop screaming. Where is the Read More

A Snapshot of the life of a Single Mother

Setting the scene: I’m a single mum with a professional career, always having been the “breadwinner”, and often sole provider, constantly stressed, but not showing that to the outside world…to the outside world, I have it together…I never walk out the door without makeup on and looking the best that I can on a given Read More