What is Facilitation (Divorce Co-ordination) ?

A facilitator is someone who engages in the activity of facilitation. They help a group of people understand their common objectives and assists them to plan how to achieve these objectives; in doing so, the facilitator remains “neutral” meaning he/she does not take a particular position in the discussion.

  • Facilitation was introduced to assist parents in high-conflict and is only implemented in the Western Cape.
  • A facilitator is not a mediator (although the aim is to first attempt to resolve disputes through mediation.)
  • The facilitator will listen to both parties and then issue a binding directive. It is important to note that should one party not agree with the directive, that party is required to approach the court to have the directive overturned.
  • Facilitators (like case managers in other provinces) are normally appointed by a court order. Note both parents have to agree in writing in order to terminate the services of a facilitator.
  • Facilitation may be replaced by Parenting Coordinators.

Facilitators cannot issue directives around relocation outside the borders of South Africa.

Facilitators frequently deal with disputes regarding contact and holiday arrangements, choice of schooling or any other aspect of the children’s lives where the parents need to make joint decisions. Some Court orders also mandate the facilitator to resolve disputes around maintenance.  Facilitators, like mediators, are trained by FAMAC.