Tapping: a great way to help kids deal with anxiety?

The Tapping Solution Foundation explains that by tapping particular points on your body while talking through something that might be causing you to feel anxious, you can restore balance in your body and mind.   Ever heard of the Tapping Solution? It’s the practice of tapping particular points on your body with your fingertips while Read More


In a good-enough divorce, exes work through feelings of anger, betrayal and loss and arrive at a place of acceptance. Frustrations over the other parent’s values and choices are contained and pushed aside, making space for the Holy Grail of post-divorce life: effective co-parenting. Co-parenting is possible only when both exes support their children’s need Read More

When Divorced Parents Do Not Communicate

Background The divorce was ordered 8 years ago. Both parents are co-holders of parental responsibilities and rights. Parent A had primary care/Residency of the children (11 and 8) and the standard visitation schedule was in place. Parent A refused to communicate with parent B and frustrated/refused contact as far as possible. Systematic bad-mouthing from parent Read More


A parenting plan is a written document that outlines how parents will raise their child after separation or divorce. It is widely known that children need a routine. Living in two homes, this statement becomes even more important. The parenting plan will assist your child to cope with two homes and will also assist both Read More

7 Great co-parenting tips

“I saw the texts Dad sent you last night,” my eldest son said to me recently. He hung his head sadly. We had amended our parenting time schedule to accommodate some work travel for me, and I was planning to take my son to lunch on his birthday since I wouldn’t see him that day. Read More

Divorce Difficulties in South Africa

This group was primarily created to assist individuals, couples and families through the divorce process. The intention to create the largest informative group in South Africa where all members are able to chat freely with each other and professionals within the group (on the page). Members may contact ADMIN an receive a recommended list of professionals Read More

How Can Children Survive Divorce When Parents Play The Limits Game?

“Daddy lets me eat in my room if I want to.” “I don’t have a curfew when I’m at Mom’s house.” “Mom doesn’t make me clear my dinner plate!” “Dad says it won’t hurt me to eat donuts for breakfast.” Do any of the above comments sound familiar to you? If so, then welcome to Read More

All You Need to Know About Child Maintenance Part 1

When it comes to our children, strong commitment and love is not negotiable.  Unfortunately, not all parents honour this duty, specifically their legal duty to maintain the well-being of their children. In light of this, the child maintenance system ensures that all parents honour their duty to maintain their children. Essential Facts about Child Maintenance Read More

You can be a happy divorced family

Getting divorced is not easy. It’s hard on everyone involved, especially the kids. The parents can feel hurt, humiliated and angry. The kids can be confused and upset and this is a really hard time for them. How not to hate your ex So it’s up to you as a parent to put the kids Read More

What is the Best Visitation Schedule for Infants?

If you’re a new single parent, you may be wondering about the best visitation schedule for infants. Like so many other aspects of parenting, there’s no one ‘right’ answer. What’s most important is that you make decisions together that support your baby’s need for a predictable routine, as well as his or her need to Read More