5 Parenting Behaviours That Stop Children From Being Successful

As parents, you play a vital role in shaping the way your child thinks, behaves and acts. Many of you have received your behavioural traits from your parents, and it would be the same with your kids. Certain parenting behaviours could end up affecting your kids positively while others could cause some permanent damage. Find out if you are guilty of some these wrong parenting practices.

1. Following Double Standards


Hypocrisy is never going to get you anywhere, especially when raising kids. You have to keep in mind that your kids look up to you, and your words and actions can greatly influence their mindsets. If you don’t practice what you preach, your children are going to grow thinking that it’s okay to follow double standards. For example, you cannot use your cell phone at the dining table if you have banned your children from doing the same.

2. Being Too Protective


One of the major mistakes committed by parents is that they refuse to let their kids experience any risks. True, you tend to be fiercely protective of your little ones. But if you swoop in to rescue them every single time, they will never learn how to solve problems on their own. Some falls are necessary for your kids to learn how to dust themselves up and get back on track.

3. Allowing Guilt To Take The Upper Hand


Trust us, if your children are absolutely happy with you, then you are not parenting well. Your role is not to be their friend alone. You have to be their mentor, leader, and critic. Providing your kids with everything they want is never going to help them in the long run. Your children need to know that the world does not owe them anything and that no one is entitled to privileges. If they need something they will have to work hard to earn it.

4. Keeping Mum About Mistakes In Your Past


It is important that your kids see you for who you are. Make it a point to share your past with them and to admit to all the blunders you have committed while you were young. This will help to a great extend in forming a tight bond with your children. Not to mention how it will make you seem more human in their eyes and boost their confidence to fight hard even when they face failures.

5. Giving Away Praise Too Easily


Yes, it is necessary to boost your child’s self-confidence. That doesn’t mean you have to celebrate every A on their report card or every kick they made in a football match. You can buy your kid trophies to make him/her feel better, but that is only depriving them of the feeling of a well-earned victory. Such kids grow up and realize that only their parents think of them as winners while the rest of the world can sees them for they truly are.

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