A parenting plan is a written document that outlines how parents will raise their child after separation or divorce.

It is widely known that children need a routine. Living in two homes, this statement becomes even more important. The parenting plan will assist your child to cope with two homes and will also assist both parents to manage the divorce better. Parenting plans are unique to each family and should be updated regularly as circumstances change.

A parenting plan is created with input from both parents in the best interest of their children and can be made a court order. Both parents, after their divorce or the separation (married or unmarried), remain the holders of parental responsibilities and rights with regard to their minor child(ren) (under the age of 18 years). Certain criteria are stipulated in the Children’s Act in terms of which parental responsibilities and rights an unmarried, biological father qualifies for with regard to his minor child(ren). The Family Advocate’s Office may issue a certificate confirming the biological father’s responsibilities and rights.

A parenting plan should have enough detail to be useful, yet enough flexibility to be realistic. Consider the age of your child and how well you are able to work with the other parent when thinking about how specific your parenting plan should be. A parenting plan can minimise conflict by clearly setting out guidelines and expectations.

The cost of a parenting plan varies based on the amount of sessions required with both parents and is guaranteed to save parents thousands in legal fees. The cost of a Parenting Plan normally varies between R1000 to R5000. Note that both parents share the cost. Additional costs may include specialists who are sometimes contracted to assist. They include psychologists, financial planners and attorneys.

How does it work?

  1. Our focus is on the best interest of your child. Our approach is conducive to conciliation and problem-solving and a confrontational approach is avoided.
  2. We select the best environment to mediate/negotiate the parenting plan with both parents, taking the current relationship between the parents into account.
  3. Options include sessions: face-to-face, via Skype or via email.
  4. Once the plan is complete, both parents sign it and if required, we apply to have the plan made a court order.
  5. Bottom line: Keep the cost as low as possible.

If you require a Parenting Plan or any assistance in please feel free to contact 082 349 3649

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